The Atomis are a comic strip drawn by the villain P. Evers, a person apparently lacking any kind of humour. His comic strips are published frequently in the Physikalische Blätter, a magazine by the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft. Because I (and many other people) got really upset by his Atomis, I decided to create a counterpart, let's say, an evil twin: The Anti-Atomis.

For maximum authenticity, all texts are in German, but I'm sure the message can easily be understood just by looking at the pictures …

Update (2004-09-13): Due to the mind-boggling badness of the Atomis, even the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft decided to not publish the Atomis any more. A great victory for humanity!

Update (2005-06-23): Even though the DPG decided to rename its journal to Physik Journal and it decided no longer to publish the awful Atomis, something very horrible happened: They continue to publish other, also mind-boggingly bad and distasteful comics (no longer called Atomis, but very disgusting nonetheless). There is only one possible answer: Create more Anti-Atomis in order to show our protest!