Simulation of percolation on massively-parallel computers

Author:D. Tiggemann.
Published in:International Journal of Modern Physics C12, 871 (2001).
Abstract:A novel approach to parallelize the well-known Hoshen-Kopelman algorithm has been chosen, suitable for simulating huge lattices in high dimensions on massively-parallel computers with distributed memory and message passing. This method consists of domain decomposition of the simulated lattice into strips perpendicular to the hyperplane of investigation that is used in the Hoshen-Kopelman algorithm. Systems of world record sizes, up to L=4000256 in two dimensions, L=20224 in three, and L=1036 in four, gave precise estimates for the Fisher exponent tau, the corrections to scaling Delta_1, and for the critical number density n_c.
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Supplementary material

See diploma thesis "Simulation of percolation on parallel computers".

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