Cartoon of Dilbert taking a tour of accounting and visiting the random number generator (badly drawn by Daniel Tiggemann)

Scott Adams on Random Numbers

I really like Scott Adams' famous comic strip "Dilbert", which is published in many newspapers and also on the net. During my daily work as a system administrator, I often encounter situations which seem to stem directly from Dilbert strips.

My scientific work requires heavy use of random numbers (it is called "Monte Carlo simulation" for good reasons). So I was very delighted when I once saw a Dilbert comic on random number generators on the Dilbert website. I would like to show the original on this page, but it vanished from the archive of the Dilbert site, so I can not link to it. And I must not copy it to my page, as I don't like to get into trouble with lawyers over copyright violations.

Thus I decided to draw it on my own. It is a one-to-one sketch of the original, with the exception that I am a very bad cartoonist. But nonetheless, you get the idea …

If you like to see more of my drawings, have a look at my Anti-Atomis. But as I said, I am a bad cartoonist.

Sujay Mansingh informed me that there is a way to have a look at the original strip: go to and enter into the wayback machine. Voilà!